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A high ranking Israeli minister has been murdered in Jerusalem. Muslim terrorists are suspected, but no group has claimed responsibility.

Discovering a barely legible name scribbled on a blood-stained business card in the shirt pocket of the slain minister, the Director of Israeli Intelligence calls upon international security consultant Harry McClure to investigate a possible American connection to the brutal crime.

Follow McClure as he uncovers a Wall Street money-laundering scheme linked to a clandestine Messianic Brotherhood’s plot to reclaim Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.


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The Essene Conspiracy is a fascinating crime/political thriller. The writer brings together characters from Wall Street to Jerusalem, showing his extensive knowledge of cultures, languages, and historical and contemporary political events. The titular conspiracy unravels nicely in the novel. McClure begins the novel with two cases that gradually become intertwined . Short chapters, shifting perspectives, and lean prose help make the plot move along at a good pace while the reader remains engaged in finding out more with each revelation McClure makes . . .

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